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Accepted greglas2's Application


Hardcore MCME-er
  • Date:
    I believe it was at the time of the Two Trees summer events, if not earlier.
  • Jobs and Plotbuilds:
  • I've built many a road, cricks and streams, farm walls are a specialty of mine. My favorite jobs are interiors. A lot of houses in Pelargir I made as an adventurer in jobs with Kisos. Bushes and such, ruining, detailing, ect. oh trees!
  • Themed-builds:
    I've made some things, i spent quite a lot of time on a few projects, such as the Umbar theme. I'm afraid I haven't any pictures.
  • Additional Builds:
  • I've been building stuff for a while. I planned and built the majority of Windmaw. The salt flats and windmills were nearly all done by me as well I believe. I do single player building sometimes. I'm quite good at drawing architectural landscapes and cities too.
  • Your interests:
  • I really the enjoy coastal towns of western Belfalas, sandstone and birch are some of my favorite blocks. Though at times I equally enjoy Tudor inspired architecture, such as in Fennas Drunin or Bree, it contrasts violently to the gentler southern architecture. I think a large component of fine building which is sometimes overlooked lies in subtleties simplistic realism.
  • In my life my favorite thing to do is learn and contribute benevolently. I spend time pondering the world and its contents, the most important of which are physical. The most important object in the world is the world. I'm interested in geology. I also garden a ton and spend lots of times drawing plants. Ancient history, archeology, geography, and architectural history are all topics I would look forward to researching and using in a possible future as a designer or whoever does terrain and concept stuff these days.
  • Your motivation:
  • MCME was a really important part of my life before I had friends in real life. I've realized most of my friends were complete assholes and now I dont have many friends again. I love contributing to any type of creative project, and world building has been a passion of mine for a long time. I often find myself wishing I was in another world, rather than in Delco. I enjoy building and being part of any community, and MCME is in my opinion the coolest community online. I really want to contribute, I haven't built in a while but that's because I just got minecraft to run on my own computer for the first time in at least a year or two.