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Accepted gRodanE02 (artist application)


Aspiring Member
Date: January 2019 (mostly inactive in spring 2019 for school) back in late May.

• Ruining sewer walls in Dol-Amroth with Smaug_Niphredil
• Ruining pillars in Moria with barteldvn
• Building bushes and beach vegetation in Osgiliath with ooitsbirdo_TI
• Building inner walls in the Foreman HQ with TeamPalladian
• Building road with TeamPalladian
• Decorating Moria caves on Build day. With ooitsbirdo_TI, TeamPalladian & FoolhardyFish

• The Black gate
Black Gate (-5876, 4, 40188; updated 29. Jul 2019), the Morannon inspired by the PJ LotR films
• Ranger camp
Ranger Camp (-335, 4, 40324; updated 29. Jul 2019), temporary ranger camp in ruined remains of a village/outpost
• Annúminas Ruining
Annúminas (635, 4, 40471; updated 29. Jul 2019), portion of the ancient Arnorian city of Annúminas. Inspired by Osgiliath in the PJ LotR films
• The Forsaken Inn
The Forsaken Inn (-1352,4,40694; updated 5. Aug 2019), an abandoned inn with unmaintained thatch roofing and 13 rooms plus 3 hobbit rooms

Additional Builds:
• Brandy hall (vanilla project)
Brandy Hall
• "Uppsala Katedralskola" ((the gymnasium (school) i go to)(ongoing project))
Uppsala Katedralskola
Two smaller abandoned projects
• the White Towers (inspired by art by Ted Nasmith) (Freebuild 3130; -539)
the White Towers
• Anorien Houses (Freebuild 3175; -560)
Anorien Houses

While my core interest mainly lies in the act of building itself, I think building on and around houses or ruined remainders of houses in cities and villages, is my preference. In terms of architectural style: Gondorian and Arnorian, Minas Tirith and Dol-Amroth being (among many others) examples of my favourite places on the server. So, if I were to choose a favourite theme-build, it would have to be the recent Annúminas project (while the Ranger camp was perhaps the start of my fondness for the server).

I found this server while browsing the internet for LotR related Minecraft servers. I did this since a good friend, knowing my interest in both Tolkien's work and Minecraft, asked me whether I was part of any Minecraft LotR servers (for roleplaying or building). For some strange reason I didn't know about this server or that there was anything like it. So, naturally I joined the server and I was, as many, mesmorized by the se impressive builds. I have since been mostly active on the server and I am now (after lots of fellow builders have recommended it) applying for the rank of Artist! I think I am most looking forward to all the builds from "The Hobbit". Especially Erebor and maybe the Iron Hills if we are going to build those. That would be really cool. And Dale too, I really look forward to what style we will be using for that (I personally think the movie design isn't the best since the area has a rather cold climate but the houses look like they belong in a really hot climate (with all the balconies and curtains instead of doors). It could be improved)
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Hey Rodan,
I see some very nice builds here.
Your black gate is great, I don’t have much to add. Maybe you could do something interesting behind and in front of the gate.

I also love your ranger camp, though I feel like some blocks are kind of out of place, like the small bookcases. Books were very rare, and even though it’s a small amount, I think it doesn’t fit in with a camp that is moving around all the time. (Unless it’s a stationary camp) You should also use 6 sides logs for trees, which you can get by /get logs. (Or /get log I don’t remember.) Other than that, very nice, and you were very creative with this one.

Last but not least your Annuminas ruins. These are great, and you converted PJ’s style into Minecraft really well. Still, I feel like a little bit of green would be appropriate. Look at our Osgiliath for examples. (You probably want less ruining though. Maybe our current Annuminas is a better example.)

Great job so far, and I feel like you are very close to artist. Remember to keep updating you application, and I look forward to seeing you in purple.



Aspiring Member
• Fixed trees in both "Ranger Camp" and "Annuminas Ruining" with 6-sided logs.
• More vegetation in "Annuminas Ruining".

Both albums updated with new screenshots


Head Builder
Staff member
Head Builder
Media Team
Hey gRodan,

Here's some feedback on your Forsaken Inn:

I quite like how the exterior looks actually, however next time please make sure if you're doing a thatch roof that it is on atleast an angle of 45 degrees.
- Avoid 2 wide and 1 high windows.
Another thing is that the whole building is made in the Eriador style, or quite close to it, however this is a very old style. Try getting your builds closer to the style in Gondor (especially Dol Caranthan can be inspiration for this theme), but of course make sure it still doesn't look Gondorian.

- Avoid long/big, but low rooms.
- Try adding in beams or some kind of supports to your ceilings everywhere. (for example see Dol Caranthan)
- Try using a stone floor on the bottem floor, it usually helps to make the room more interesting. (just don't use exactly the same mix as the walls)

Good luck on your application! Keep this active updating up :)


Head Builder
Staff member
Head Builder
Media Team
Hey gRodan,

That white tower actually looks very impressive! I'd like you to do a trial build to show us what you can do. :)

You do a trial build in Freebuild. You're meant to do this completely on your own to show what you are capable of. Once finished you can message me and I'll come take a look.

Theme: Anorien House (like it'd be in a small village) (take inspiration from finished houses in Dol Calen)

Requirements: Interior and Exterior + some small details

Goodluck, feel free to contact me on Discord for any further questions.
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