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Guidebook content submission index


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Guidebook submission index

Use this thread for any content you would like included in upcoming, or current guidebooks. We always need ideas!

Please follow the format below.

-Region name-
-Specific Location Name-
-Location Coordinates-
-Content to be included-
-Content to be replaced- (If applicable)

For example

Region name: Dol Amroth
Specific Location Name: Military District
Coordinates: (Insert coordinates here)
Content to be included: Information about how troops from here marched to Pelennor Fields during the Siege of Gondor


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I'm going to disregard your format, since this is a more general comment: I'm not sure I agree with the categorization of some guidebooks in Gondor, ie the borders of fiefs (and what counts as a fief). For the most part, this requires more thought, and I might return over the summer with a well-reasoned map. But I do at this point feel confident saying Pinnath Gelin should be considered a fief separate from Anfalas, and thus the guidebooks in it should be edited appropriately. The obvious dividing line is between biomes, so to be explicit the following guidebook entries should have the region changed to Pinnath Gelin: Crick's Hill, Bairdh Gelin, Ridh Gwairth, Barad Eglan, Valleyway, Etherhill, and Langdale.

With this change, the following descriptions need to be updated:
Langdale: ... is a small village found in the flatter eastern Anfalas Pinnath Gelin. The pub ...
Langstaed: Langstaed served as the joint capital town of western Anfalas, the other being Bairdh Gelin. The castle of Langstaed overlooked Belegaer, the Great Sea, and the keep was one of only three ? in Anfalas.
I'm not exactly sure where this number came from. I assume it was Langstaed, Bairdh Gelin, and another. Maybe Barad Eglan, even though it is ruined? The other option would be Iant Dirnen, which is categorized as not in Anfalas. Unless there's a fortress I'm forgetting. So this clause would be updated to "and was the only keep in Anfalas" or "and the keep was one of only two in Anfalas".​
Bairdh Gelin: Bairdh Gelin serverd served as the joint capital town of Western Anfalas Pinnath Gelin, the other being Langstaed. The duke of Bairdh Gelin resigned resided here, and all areas up to Windich in the east and Andrast in the west were under the duke's control.
I think that neither Anfalas nor Pinnath Gelin are large enough, and certainly not populated enough, to need separate rulers for the eastern and western parts of the fiefs. Hence I removed "western" in both of the descriptions. This also means that we should change the part about Windich, instead saying something like "all areas up to Morthond Vale in the east and Andrast in the west were under the duke's control." But this is effectively saying "The duke of the capital of Pinnath Gelin controls all of Pinnath Gelin" which is hardly surprising or interesting. I propose removing the entire section, i.e. simply put "The duke of Bairdh Gelin resided here." The guidebook entry might look a little short with this change, so I have two suggestions for replacement text: "At the time of the War of the Ring, the duke was Hirluin the Fair." or "The town is currently celebrating its fall harvest festival."​

Even if you disagree about changing the regions, I hope you will consider getting rid of "western" in both entries. Also, fix the typos in Bairdh Gelin.

One more thing -- someone really ought to go through all the guidebooks (yes I mean all) and make sure they are consistent in tense.

EDIT: I just realized there might be other guidebooks in Pinnath Gelin that do not have warps to them; hopefully you guides have a list and can figure it out yourself.
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Region Name: Moria
Specific Location Name: Bridge of Khazad-dûm
Coordinates: -3589, 102, -6586
Information to be included: Subtle hint about falling off of the bridge down into the lake like Gandalf and the Balrog, i've never seen anyone try this and I feel that new players would find it to be pretty cool.