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Guidebook workshop and an extra something...


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Media Team
Hello there!

Basically, this Sunday (28th), Myself, Ark and possibly Eriol are going to run a workshop that's all about Guidebooks, that'd start ideally at 4pm UK time.

What use is this to me? You might ask. Well, I'll come onto that in a min.

We're gonna be covering how to make guidebooks both normally and with world edit, as well as what makes a good guidebook and documentation too. The workshop would be like a drop in session, so if there's a section you feel confident on, then you don't have you don't have to attend, just the ones you think you need more help with. The event is open to everyone, not just Guides, which moves me onto my next point.

So it has been proposed we introduce a new badge, and hopefully you will have figured out that we wanna introduce a guidebook badge.

The badge would allow holders to edit and create Guidebooks, access the docs and the #guidebook channel in Discord. It wouldn't allow holders to access any other docs, access the other guide channels or delete Guidebooks.

The badge would also be open to commoners too. This would allow some commoners who perhaps want to help out to do so. Artists and above would also be able to get the badge, as per usual.

Here's a link to a document Guidebook workshop plan of Action

I hope to have a good turn out. Cheers guys :D