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Starting Adventurer
  • Date:
I do not remember the excact date, nor the month that I joined the server, but i'm guessing around spring 2015.

  • Jobs:
Alright, i'm going to be completely honest here and say that i've only participated in 1 job. Yes, I know that jobs are vital when it comes to applying for artist, it's just that due to my timezone (which is what i'm guessin) i never see any available jobs when online. However, the one Job that I dud participate in, was me and a couple other people going around a forest planting flowers and mushrooms. I know that might not sound like the best start of an application, with me not having built anything on the server other than a couple hundred flowers, but I believe that being honest gets you far. And by the way, sadly, I dont remember which forest it was in, so no pics, sorry :(

  • Screenshots:
Note: As I said above, I have only participated in 1 job, which I do not have any screenshots of, sadly :/ Other than that, here are 41 pictures of different builds I have made in recent months. The first screenshots, the floating islands ones, were made by me, and a friend, although I did most of the work. Other than that, the rest of the builds were completely made by me :)

  • Interests:
To be honest, I dont really have a "favorite" genre, although I do find Rohirric buildings quite interesting. Apart from that, outside of the LoTR genres, it would definitely be realistic/modern buildings (Many of which are included in my screenshots above)

  • Motivation:
The reason as to why I apply for artist, is due to a couple of things:
1. For the past many months, i've worked a lot with realistic/modern city building. It gets a bit tiring, and so, I decided to try something new out. This is why I think MCME would be a great choice as I'm a huge fan of the Tolkien world, as well as I enjoy building "medieval" once in a while.

2. Working together with other people has a great advantage, as it would boost my building skills, i would learn new building techniques, and much more :)

3. Friends. This would be a great oppertunity to meet new people and form new friendships! Building is always more exciting if you have someone by your side to talk to, instead of being all alone in a singleplayer world :p

MCME means a lot to me as I enjoy adventuring around the map. I like that when I'm bored and have nothing to do, I can get on the server and explore middle earth in minecraft! That's pretty neat. Otherwise, as I said before, I'm a pretty big (huge?) fan of LoTR and just the Tolkien world in general. Being able to explore the world in minecraft means a lot to me, and it would be awesome to help contribute in the making of the map :)

I'm pretty much keen on helping with anything, so no worries here :p

I really hope you take my application into consideration, it would truely mean a lot to me, and I hope to hear from you soon :)


Head Developer
Staff member
Head Developer
Thank you for your application! There is absolutely nothing wrong with applying having done only one job. Wasn't it in Lothlorien? I think I remember you. :D

We now know your interest in helping on the server and you can improve your application step by step with more screenshots. To update your application edit your post above and reply to this thread. Just something like "update". This will make us notice your update. ;)

I will no say much about your screenshots you posted so far as those are builds which are quite different style than MCME. I like those diagonal multi-storey buildings, looking quite close to reality. To improve your chances to get promoted to Artist you should post some builds you made in the style of MCME. Explore the map to get an impression and try to build something similar. Don't hesitate to ask Artists and Designers for feedback on your builds.

Best you can do is participating in >>themed builds<<, >>jobs and plotbuilds<<. When you finished a job or plotbuild for a Designer, remember to ask the Designer to give points to yourt/at application as described >>here<<.


hon. Head Designer
Staff member
A vital part of being Artist is being active. And being active is to a good extent equivalent to being passionate about building Middle-Earth stuff, and when I read your application I gotta say that it definitely looks like a crazy amount of passion was put into it; this is clearly the most elaborate and generally best application I have read since I am responsible for the artist promotions, and for that reason you will have really good chances for a promotion ;)
However now as Eriol already mentioned you should show off your building skills in middle-earth related styles, for which we have the Themed-Builds. The currently running TB is a special one that lasts 3 weeks (usually they last 1 week), theres one week left on that one in which you surely can build something nice, else wait a week until the next one starts (on sundays usually).

- Finrod