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Halloween Events 2017


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Halloween Events 2017
October 25-31

That's right folks! Halloween Events are here! And with them come a wide range of different activities over the next week! This post will detail each of the events. The Guides and I all hope you enjoy yourselves as your partake in some Halloween Festivities :)

Pumpkin Scavenger Hunt
October 25-31

This year, we're bringing back the server-wide pumpkin hunt! Test your general knowledge of Middle Earth and MCME to solve riddles leading to various different pumpkins across the map! While we will encourage problem solving, cheating will not do! But without further ado, here's how you play:
  • STEP 1: Solve the first riddle! You can find this riddle at the bottom of the page!
  • STEP 2: Take a selfie! We need proof that you've found these suckers, so take a pretty picture with these very unique pumpkins!
  • STEP 3: Submit the password! On each of these pumpkins you will find a random word. Enter this word into the blank on MCME Halloween Scavenger Hunt to receive the next riddle.
  • STEP 4: Find 'em all! Once you have found all the pumpkins, upload your screenshots to Imgur or any other preferred image sharing website and send them to my on the forums via Private Message!!!!!
  • STEP 5: Enjoy yourself! The winners of this competition will be announced at the end of the Halloween Events. You could earn a prize, so don't cheat! We'll know. >.>
Audio Book Readings
Our lovely Guide, TI_020601, will be reading straight from the texts Thursday, Friday, AND Saturday this week! We appreciate the support and involvement in these events! It's a good way to see how we adapted to the trilogy without pulling the book out yourself! So hop on during these times for the readings:

  • OCTOBER 26th @10:00PM (BST): We'll be following the hobbits through the Barrow Downs in Fog on the Barrow Downs - Fellowship of the Ring.
  • OCTOBER 27th @11:00PM (BST): Wander through the Paths of the Dead with us as we cover The Passing of the Grey Company - Return of the King.
  • OCTOBER 28th @8:20PM (BST): Join us for a regularly scheduled double as we observe the Lands and Border of Mordor in The Tower of Cirith Ungol and The Land of Shadow. - Return of the King.

Build Day (Kinda...)
October 28th Around 7:00PM (BST)
We have a mission. Join arms as we combat the lag that plagues Dol Amroth!!! Your friendly neighborhood Designer, Eriol_Eandur, has graced us with new, less laggy item blocks to beautify the city and we need YOUR help to set it right! This build day will consist of us replacing all the entity blocks used previously with more server-friendly blocks. I have a dear friend with a very bad computer known to some of you as Gary_Baggins. I encourage you to think of him and all the others who use their toaster to run Minecraft when de-lagging this fair city. I want to make Dol Amroth a place for EVERYONE again. So hop on this Saturday for some intense job action!

Costume Contest
October 29th 8:00PM (GMT)

To all you pixel artist out there, have I got the event for you! This Sunday we will be decking out our Minecraft skins with amazing costumes (if you haven't already that is). Around
8:00PM (GMT), we will open up polls to vote on your favorite skin! The polls will be open for 2 hours, during which time, there will be games including Races, Hide and Seek, and (wait for it...) PVP!!!! So make sure you guys get on for some of the action. Be ready to prove yourself in the games and potentially win the Skin Contest!
If you want to be submitted as a contestant for the Skin Contest, PM me (Arkengard) on the forums!

Spooky Tour
October 30th 8:30PM (GMT)
Monday, I (Arkengard) will be hosting a spooky themed tour with some of the guides! It will be a very ambient setting, covering certain locations around the map. So join us on the Eve of Hallow's Eve and learn a thing or two from some of the guides. Disclaimer: You can always ask for a tour!

Closing Ceremony
November 1st 10:00PM (GMT)

Every good events week needs a closing ceremony! This ceremony will be on November 1st so that everyone can partake in Halloween festivities in the real world on the 31st! This Closing Ceremony won't be a huge deal, just a way to finalize the events and announce upcoming events! We will also be looking at progress over the week including:

  • Dol Amroth Completion
  • Scavenger Hunt Winners
  • Skin Contest (Top 3)
  • Honorable Mentions
So make sure you guys show up to hear what news there is to hear and what things we've accomplished! I hope you guys enjoy the events! We've worked hard to throw this thing together so make the most of it!!!!

The First Riddle

There is an inn, a scary old Inn, one day from a tall green hill,
and there they brewed a beer so… brown,
That the guests it had were naught to be found,
For they say the beer could kill!

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