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Halloween Skin Week


Hardcore MCME-er

Disguise yourself and get your Creeper on!
Time to Spook and Span the lands with a foreboding costume. Halloween Skin Week is a spooktacular occasion where you are able to skin (or de-skin) into a Halloween Themed attire and showcase it in this thread. However there some prior things to keep in mind to help you along the way;
  • Take your screenshot inside/outside the Halloween Haunted House
  • Include a description of who/what you are dressed up as
  • You can either integrate the theme with your normal skin, OR pick a new one altogether
  • Have fun!
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Hardcore MCME-er
2 more days guys, skins will be featured for everyone to see somewhere


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Copy the direct link of the image (the link that ends with .jpg or .png or another image file) and click on the landscape icon in the tools bar when creating a post and paste the link.​
Go to imgur, drag the picture on to there, wait for it to upload, then copy the link you get, come back to the forum post and click the icon that looks like a postcard with some mountains and a sun, paste the link there and poof, done
Thanks Guys!