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Halloween Skull Hunt 2014


Manual Treebuilder

It's that time of the year, so get ready for the...
The citizens of Bree have noticed a mysterious old house that appeared in the dead of last night on the hill. The windows were dark, the trees bare, the garden overgrown. Ivy snaked up the walls and the whole area was lit by an unearthly glow. Some brave souls went to investigate, but none have yet returned... Dare you enter the Haunted Manor?

To participate in this event, go to Bree and follow the road up to the hill. Alternatively, use the command "/warp Dreadnor Manor". Follow the instructions on the signs and find all the black skulls in the house and garden.

  • Use the Eriador resource pack and set your time to night with the command /playertime night
  • Please don't say or hint the locations of the skulls in public chat since there might be people on who want to find them for themselves. If you want to discuss it, do it in a private message.
  • Please don't fly for this event; it is designed to be completed without it.

Happy Hunting!