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Finished Harithilien Parts 2 and 3

Can we finish this in 2 weeks?

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  • Si!

    Votes: 19 26.8%
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Hardcore MCME-er
Haudh in Gwanûr Mini Competition! - CLOSED

/warp haudhcomp (Plotworld)

Open to all ranks!* (*No Ob's)

Haudh in Gwanûr was the burial mound of Folcred and Fastred, erected at their death in T.A.2885. They were laid to rest near the Crossings of Poros according to the tradition of the Rohirrim, and it is said that all enemies of Gondor were afraid to pass the tomb.
Some Lore Links:

What's needed to be done:
It is up to imagination how Haudh in Gwanûr looked like, so I'm giving it to you to decide. When you warp to haudhcomp, you will find some plots with the basic terrain created.
  • Comment on this post with your team and teamname. You can work on your own if you want ;)
  • Place down a sign with your ign (If you are working together with someone, put all their names down)
  • You can edit the terrain if you want if you believe it is incorrect, but please do not edit the terrain near the borders of the plot (will ruin the pasting in the end).
  • Do not build outside your plot or in others, this will be considered as a grief. :(
  • I will be checking the plots on the 10th September and look at the progress. The final deadline is the 17th!! I will then choose the winning concept with the Harithilien build team.
  • Use the Gondor Resource Pack!!
I am happy to help anyone who needs it, give me a shout if you do! :)

Get Building!!

Current Teams
1. Ivan1pl - Ivan1pl
2. Moi and Myself - KlemensPlusLukas
3. Might as well give it a try - DSESGH
4. Luckylarv - Luckylarv
5. k1sk and bends - K1sk1BBab35, bender400
6. Meh, why not? - Jetfire301
7. Can'tBuild4Sheet - JordD04 and CEFKILLA1320
8. Oh my beloved belly button; The squidgy ring in my midriff mutton; Your mystery is such tricky stuff:… - ori and ruben
9. MayNotFinish - natanyagrad
10. YoRulez - Yojumbo and TaibarianRulez
11. Better Late Next Time - Brazen
Immanewb - Balrog_Slayer219
13. I can do it in 2 days - jcw2003
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