Hello! New guy here

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May 16, 2017
Spanish, English, and a some Italian
Heyo guys, I'm a new member to the server. I joined with the expectation that I may be of some use in recreating this world, but also came with the hope that I may learn how to build. If I'm honest with you all, I'm really am not a good builder. Minecraft has always been more or less an MMORPG of sorts for me because I could never really build as well as other people, with their giant and magnificent creations. However, if you guys would please guide and help me in learning how to reach your level of expertise, I'll gladly give part of my time as well in helping you guys in your cause.


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Media Team
Sep 19, 2014
German (native), English
Hey @Dannyman18, Welcome to MCME !

There are several ways to learn building here.
First you can participate in jobs and plotbuilds. These are ususally quite simple tasks like building roads, rivers, trees or smoothing terrain. Jobs and plot are always supervised by a Designer or Forman who will give you instructions and tips. Just ask Designerns and Formen if they have something to do for you.
Second you can do Themed-builds. To get a plot just type /theme in game chat. There is a new >>theme<< each week but you can continue your build at your old plots. When you finished a themed build ask a Designer or Forman for feedback and tips how to improve it.

Looking forward to meet you at the server



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Mar 1, 2014
Dutch, English
Being good at building is just as much about putting time and effort into it as it is talent. When I joined this server I was a very bad builder, but over the years I got quite good. Now that I've stopped building as much I'm definitely not as good a builder as I used to be. The most important thing is having a good time, and if you work on it your builds will likely get better.