Hello, Old fish here!

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Staff member
Mar 1, 2014
Atlantic Ocean
Well then,

I felt I owe the community an explanation over my recent (re)promotion. During recent events I approached Finrod and Dynodaring to offer my assistance in helping to resolve the issue to the best of my ability's. Both of them where willing to listen to what I had to say and accepted my help. This did happen little over 3 weeks ago.

In those 3 weeks there where multiple discussions both private and public to find a solution to resolve the drama that occurred, and to hope and prevent it in the future. Those discussions brought up issues that will take time and patience to solve. Now that there is an understanding where the issues are, we can attempt to solve them. But in order for me to continue helping out I needed access to area's where I had none. Given my previous time as a Valar and Head Q220 agreed to repromote me.

To clarify I will be supporting both Finrod and Dyno in finding an solution to the issues that came to light. They will remain heads in their respective roles and I will be working alongside them. Hopefully this will lift some of the burden from both of them allowing them to focus on the things they enjoy.

I hope this provided some insight over why I got promoted. And I will work on making more information available about how we plan to solve things in the future. If you have any more questions regarding this promotion feel free to ask.



Dirt Conaisseur
Jan 10, 2015
So ur the third valar who helps the others and that is untill stuff is over, or untill you are done? (btw I think that is a good solution)