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Help me.


Starting Adventurer
Hello, im a new player in this server and when I enter they make me a kind of test, when you are in a kind of cave and you answer the 6 o 7 question and then you go out of the cave and im stuck there, there's no more questions and I cant do anything, help me please :). Thanks



Head Guide
Staff member
Head Guide
Head Developer
There is a path out of the cave, at the screenshot you are standing at the path. It's a quite grassy, overgrown path so you have to look out for it a bit. Follow the path (and the arrow at the sign) and you will see the last question. The location of the last question is at coordinates -1349 43 1277 (press F3 to see your location on screen).

If this doesn't work try to connect to our discord server. The link is visible at your screenshot. There you are able to chat and talk and you will probably get help quicker.

I will be at home in about 12-13 hours from now if this is still not solved by then just post here again when you are online and I will try to help.