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Help with a new laptop

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Hey everybody,
I want to get a new laptop, my budget is 1000 euros/euri, and it needs to be gettable in belgium.

Things I want from it:
I just want to be able to play GTA 5 on medium for the next couple of years, if that can suffice as a benchmark. So I don't need a big screen, lighted keyboard, any other comfort things like that, I just want to play games. So if you found something that's above 1000 bucks, shave some extra's off and I'm cool with that.
I'd also like 8 gigabytes of ram. If that's necessary but I think it is.

PS: sorry for the 'another' pc thread, but I'm kind of desperate.


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Im not particularly sure what make of laptop you should get but I would recommend getting a combo-disk aka a solid state hybrid drive. A laptop that has an SSD and an HDD combo dive will be unbelievably fast. It works pretty much by the SSD part running your operating system (Windows I guess) and the HDD for the files and games etc.

link for SSHD details:

If these are a little too pricey, maybe just get the a large capacity SSD instead?


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know my suggestion comes kind of late but I haven’t checked the forums for ages…

Have a look at DevilTech they offer incredible value for money gamer laptops starting as low as 600. They also allow you to customize large parts of the hardware so you only end up buying what you really need
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