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Housings of the Drúedain


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There were some rumors at discord that the Drúedain lived in the trees, but I can't find that anywhere. Instead I found in the History of Middle-earth that they lived in caves, stone houses, tents or shelters around the trunks of large trees:
X. OF DWARVES AND MEN. - The Atani and their Languages said:
The Drugs that are met in the tales of the First Age - cohabiting
with the Folk of Haleth, who were a woodland people
- were content to live in tents or shelters lightly built round the
trunks of large trees, for they were a hardy race. In their former
homes, according to their own tales, they had used caves in
the mountains, but mainly as store-houses only occupied as
dwellings and sleeping-places in severe weather. They had
similar refuges in Beleriand to which all but the most hardy
retreated in times of storm and bitter weather; but these places
were guarded and not even their closest friends among the Folk
of Haleth were welcomed there.