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How to achieve Commoner


Aspiring Member
Hello! Just stopping by to ask what the requirements are to get the commoner title, i have heard you need to to jobs and do some theme builds. But what exactly do you need to do, to achieve it, like how do you get people to vote for you.


Head Developer
Staff member
Head Developer
There are not strict rules. Designers and Foremen will vote for you when you helped them with some building. Additionally you will probably get votes when you are kind and helpful towards other players. Themed-builds are mainly for Artist applications but ofc you can show them to other players and ask them about their opinion. If they like what they see, they might vote too.

At all becomming Commoner should not be hard. If you are active at the server and do the things above for more than two weeks you should be Commoner. Otherwise in my opinion there is something wrong with our system. In that case you may want to ask some Enforcers, Designers, Foremen or Guides for help.