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I want to help out!


Yellow Flower Puncher
Hello! I am a (former) commoner, and I want to do something to help the community, apart from building, while I wait for my Ranger application to be reviewed. If anybody has any suggestions, please feel free to comment!

PS: I am an absolute failure at building.


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Well, if you want to help out, but are bad at building, I suggest you enhance yourself socially and mentally. You can have links in notes, so that you can easily paste them for new players when they have a question, or even install the Macro Mod. I suggest you use a lot of links from the wiki and Themed Build section. You can also, as well as posting links, try to be the best person you can be. Help out confused players, be nice to new players, and don't start arguments with trolls! They never end well!


Yellow Flower Puncher
Ok, thanks. Also, I just got an idea for an easter egg from hunterkiler1. He suggested that you put a Sarlacc (from Star Wars), in Harad. But a better idea, in my opinion, is to put an Ewok somewhere around MCME, as the Quenya word for Middle Earth is Endor. Geddit?


Hardcore MCME-er
Yeah, on the easter egg thing. We're told off if we do that so you won't see that implemented.


Dibs! Sure! I have experience with programming and my OS is linux! Please take me on!
Not sure how you can get Developer these days.
But I just sent a message to Q that I wanted to help.
Not sure if this changed, but you can always start with that and see how it turns out.
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Donations are always a welcome addition to the community coffers. If you have some spare change lying around, why not pledge an amount to help keep the servers up and running?