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If You Could Be A Country, Which Would You Be?


I would be switzerland because wars would not be a problem for a neutral state. And i could keep my language too.
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Ooh, I dunno lol.

I love underdog countries, ones off the beaten track.

To name some, Mauritania (Africa), Bosnia Herzegovina (Europe), Belarus (Europe), Bolivia (south America),Laos (Asia), Kyrgyzstan (Asia).

From where I've been and what I've heard, Kyrgyzstan is very culturally diverse, as well as historically stunning (it combines Arabic Princes with Russian Tsars), as well as the one of the least famous [places on the planet!

Mauritania isn't as safe as the previously named, but is sooo overlooked by nearby The Gambia and Morocco. It's (once again), a hybrid of Arabia and Western Africa.

I'd probably choose Kyrgyzstan, as it's me really, quiet and underrated :p