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Canceled ilardrie Artist App


Starting Adventurer
  • Date:
  • I joined not so long ago 29:th december, 2018.
  • Jobs and Plotbuilds:
  • I've only worked on a few jobs since I joined quite recently, But I'm always looking for more.
  • Here are some tombs I made in moria
  • Besides those I've done some work with Darki, Oberanio, Barteldvn, and JonathanKnalle in Moria
  • Themebuilds:
  • Here's from a recent theme
  • Freebuilds:
  • Your interests:
  • I like building dark and often medieval style buildings. Perfect for Moria and Mordor style. I also do some terraforming but often by hand since I can't use voxel or WE.
  • Your motivation:
  • I want to build more and I want to challenge myself by building with others more often. I am also open to constructive critisism to further develop my building.

  • Feel free to give me some advice.
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Hello ilardrie, thanks for your application!

I recommend that you do a themebuild for your application (since its a requirement) you could also try making some builds in rp g in freebuild so you can show your ability to build in different styles and resourcepacks.
Then for working in moria I recommend that you turn off connected textures for the resource pack to work better.


Hardcore MCME-er
Official Update on Status
**Application Reviewed**
Your application has been reviewed for the first time by Official Staff.

Job and Plotbuild
Looks good, you fit the requirement in this regard, however I would like to see the result of others as well.

It is built fine, however I do feel it is a bit basic and more detail could be added to it. Also it is hard to show skill just in the nature of the theme of this themebuild. I would like to see another. Try to do a build in our most advanced Resource Pack on the server: Gondor RP, and build a generic structure. Make sure you use a concept image for inspiration and it is realistic!

*Discord DM Contacted: Awaiting Friend Request* Please check your Discord


Hardcore MCME-er
Official Update on Status
**Application Canceled**
This application has been canceled for being too inactive. Contact me on discord or forums, to re-open it!