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[IMPORTANT] Sources of new textures


hon. Head Designer
Staff member
Lately we had a few incidents of new textures borrowing large parts of textures from other non-MCME Resource Packs. To avoid any conflicts between the licenses of our and others' packs it is important that new textures are beyond any doubt ours.

From now on, when you submit a new texture, you agree to the following:

[INFORMATION]Any textures or similar graphic material that is submitted to be added to the MCME Resource Packs has to be an entirely original work of yours. Otherwise, if the texture has been created by someone else, or if a texture not belonging to the MCME Resource Packs has been used as base for the submitted texture, you have to guarantee that the initial texture is either
  • Not subjected to any kind of license or restriction of permissions to reuse, adapt or similar,
  • Subjected to a license that explicitly permits the reuse, adaptation and subjection of the texture to foreign licenses,
  • Or you have the explicit permission of the creator or owner of the texture to reuse, adapt and subject the texture to a foreign license.
Foreign textures, respectively textures based on foreign textures, that are subjected to a license explicitly forbidding the illegitimate reuse, adaptation or subjection to a foreign license, can not be added to the MCME Resource Packs.

It is forbidden to submit textures to the MCME Forums to be implemented in the MCME Resource Packs that do not fulfill the criteria mentioned above, while claiming they are original or not naming the original source.[/INFORMATION]