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Improved Sandstone Bricks


Head Developer
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Head Developer
Media Team

@Thijs1801 asked me to fix a glitch at our sandstone brick block. The different faces of the block don't match to each other. In the lower layer there are two stones separates in the middle of the block whereas at the upper layer there are on all faces single stones. If you use bricks to stack a wall on two faces (e.g. east and west) the two separate stones should be in upper layer.
Additionally the top and bottom faces don't fit at all to the sides.
I made a new block model and textures to fix this:
    "parent": "block/cube",
    "textures": {
        "up": "blocks/sandstone_top",
        "north": "blocks/sandstone_normal",
        "south": "blocks/sandstone_normal",
        "west": "blocks/sandstone_normal_alt",
        "east": "blocks/sandstone_normal_alt"
    "elements": [
        {   "from": [ 0, 0, 0 ],
            "to": [ 16, 16, 16 ],
            "faces": {
                "down":  { "texture": "#up", "rotation": 270, "cullface": "down" },
                "up":    { "texture": "#up", "rotation": 180, "cullface": "up" },
                "north": { "texture": "#north", "cullface": "north" },
                "south": { "uv": [ 16, 0, 0, 16], "texture": "#south", "cullface": "south" },
                "west":  { "texture": "#west", "cullface": "west" },
                "east":  { "uv": [ 16, 0, 0, 16], "texture": "#east", "cullface": "east" }

top and bottom face texture:

east and west face texture:

As you see at the ingame images this makes a very big difference at the upper and lower side.

Ofc I could leave the upper and lower texture unchanged, it probably doesn't matter to much that it does not fit to the sides well.

I would be happy about some feedback here. Especially about the upper side. Change it to be more realistic or leave it as it looks better for floors? Does it look better for floors?


Hardcore MCME-er
I think both is true. It will look better as a block, but at the same time the new upper side doesnt fit for floors so well.
Why not have both advantages and use one of our new blockstates for a sandstone floorblock or something like that... :)


Head Developer
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Head Developer
Media Team
We don't even need to use new block states as there are some other sandstone blocks (smooth and chiseled) which could be used for floors with the current upper block face.

We could even have a third kind of sandstone floor one for each of the sandstone blocks. With changing block models we have so many new possibilities to improve the old blocks. And it is quite simple an quickly done to edit a block model file.


hon. Head Designer
In order to keep things simple I'd rather only use one variant rather than having two easily confused variants... I think your fixed variant could look quite good for floor actually :D