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Interior Floor Plans


Starting Adventurer
Just as the title states, I'm creating some interior floor plans, starting with Bagshot Row on The Hill in the Shire. They also include some issues I have found within each interior zone (it's not bashing when it's constructive!). Why am I doing this? Simply put: for fun. I like pondering over old maps just like ol' Bilbo, and decided to share them. I won't be doing any exterior maps, the dynmap is for that.

Each square represents a block. On the sides of some rooms, you will see half blocks, this basically means this block is only partial, something that is very common in "round" hobbit holes. Little rectangles on the edge of squares represent doors, while the ones in the middle of a block represent gates. Squares within rectangles that extend slightly into rooms represent hearths.


Bagshot Row #1 #2 and #3: http://imgur.com/a/w6uWo

Bag End: http://imgur.com/a/C0TAP

Next Plan

  • Hobbiton north of the water
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I think you might wanna talk to pheonixsang who made floorplans of moria and several other locations, like the great barrow down.