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Intriguing Discourse - Game Show


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Allo chaps,
For those of you who aren't aware I'm now hosting a Game Show called Intriguing Discourse. It's a quiz based show in likeness of QI.
The basic premise behind it is that there is a theme every week and I ask the guests questions based on the theme, however the questions tend to be quite broad and ambiguous which results in a lot of conversation and laughs. Points are awarded for correct, interesting, and funny answers but points are deducted for cheap jokes or predicted answers.

You can find all of our details here including links to our media as well as information about upcoming and past shows.

We stream every Saturday at 9pm GMT here, we also have a youtube channel with videos to come soon on it.

So if you're interested come and stop by, if you'd like to contribute any possible themes feel free to post them bellow and if you'd like to contribute any questions I'd prefer if you email them to me at intriguingdiscourse@outlook.com that way only I see them.

Thankyou and I hope you enjoy the show.

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That is awesome! I would suggest streaming through youtube at least, pretty sure twitch doesn't allow that, but i think youtube would be better.


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ID should hopefully be on tonight at 8pm GMT. Assuming all my guests show up this time. -_-


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Looking for a couple to join me as guests on the 14th for the Valentines Special. If you're interested let me know.