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ironman3118's artist application


Starting Adventurer
Date I joined the Server: I joined April 12, 2017 after just going through LOTR Minecraft google results

Jobs or Similar Activities: I participated in the Themed Build of Elwing's Tower

Interests: I'm good at doing Dwarf builds, I've made a version of Erebor, on my old computer, and created a Dwarven Forge. But I good with doing anything else.

Motivation: As someone who has grown up reading the books and watching the movies, I just wanted to be a part of helping recreate J.R.R Tolkien's beautiful world.



Id say doing some extra builds, also try to pay attention to depth, as many of your buildings have flat walls. But a good start!


Head Developer
Staff member
Head Developer
Hey @ironman3118!

Thank you for your application! I would like to give you some tips to improve your chance to get accepted.

As Nic said your tower walls look quite flat. Try to add some interesting structure. You can either uses a second main material to use for pillars in front of the main wall (double-layered walls) or for the round tower of Elwing try to use stairs, slabs and fences (round towers are very hard). A general rule is that a building should use two distinct main materials to look good. This is not a must-have but it's quite hard to make a building looking nice and interesting with only one material.
Your Elvings tower looks very unrealistic. The upper part is too massive and heavy to be supported by the tower below. You made a bit of nice terrain around the tower that is good, but all the underwater area is only grass. Try to use every bit of your plot for nice details and terrain.
Interior details are a point too. You did not post screenshots of the interior of your towers. So I don't know if you made some. Interior is very important, try to make a realistic interior for every building.

Aside from themed-builds your can improve your changes to get Artist by helping at the main map. There are a lot of jobs in Moria and Dol Amroth and terrain shaping plotbuilds in Northern Belfalas. Just ask Designers or Formen if they have something to do for you.

Looking forward to your update,



Starting Adventurer
Thanks for the feedback I knew I probably would need a lot of work done to it but I still appreciate the feedback. I'll try to do better