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Isengard1234 Artist


Dirt Conaisseur
Minecraft Username : Isengard1234
Date Joined : January of 2012
Themed Build participated in: Barrowfields, Lake Town, Hall of Stewards, Golden Perch, Gondor Trebuchets, and many more that I did't have the photos of, was the winner of The Osgiliath Ruining Contest, and plenty of various jobs around the server
Link to screenshots of your Themed Build: http://isengard1234.imgur.com/
What is your prefered building style? City building is one of my favorite styles, and I have been told that I have a natural skill at ruining, but I still try to remain versatile when it comes to building pretty much anything and I am able to adjust to the building tasks when needed, especially when its something I love!
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