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Accepted Ithron_Luin Restircted FAWE


Build-Hardened Veteran
Ithron_Luin Unrestricted (EDIT: Limited) FAWE Application

Badge requirements:
  • Be at least Artist or Guide: Yes.
  • Have an adequate amount of experience in FAWE: For what I plan to primarily use this for, yes.
  • Is responsible and mature enough to use the tool in an effective manner: I think so myself, and hope others think the same.
  • When did you join? I became active almost a year ago, though joined a year before.
  • What rank are you currently and approximately how long have you had that rank? I am Guide, and have held it for a bit over 2 weeks.
  • How experienced are you in FAWE? I have 1 year of WE experience, though have not tried FAWE yet. I'd assume they are pretty similar. Although for what I plan to use it for (mostly guidebooks), I will not require extensive FAWE knowledge. The only reason I'm applying for unrestricted instead of limited is to cover the hall sizes of Moria or other large locations.
  • Will you need instruction in using WE once you acquire the badge? Little to no instruction, unless its giving some handy FAWE tricks.
  • Why do you need this badge? I would like this badge primarily to allow me to do Moria Guidebooks. As halls in Moria are large and square, the built in sphere feature wouldn't work and the immensity of halls would mean I would need unrestricted instead of limited. Also, having FAWE perms would allow me to help with the building part of the summer events more, as it would make building tasks easier (If I am assigned a building task). Finally. because this is a build server, even though I am a guide, and guidely duties will always take precedence, I would like to contribute more to the building aspect of the server, and FAWE could make building tasks easier for me.
  • What to you is a responsible and mature player? A responsible and mature player is a player who always thinks about how their actions impact the server. What I mean by this, is a responsible and mature player always double checks with a superior before starting any project, insures they are following serverwide rules to make sure they are not causing divisions or affecting the server/community in any way, and is always willing to help out. Also, a responsible and mature player always listens to his superiors and never contradicts what they say.
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Build-Hardened Veteran
Also just a note: If the size of Moria halls fit into limited WE range, you can cout this as a limited WE app.


Hardcore MCME-er
Accepted, you have shown you will be capable of using the badge effectively and responsibly. Congratulations!