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It's been a year....


Hardcore MCME-er
It's been a year since I've hidden my book,
If you want to find it, in a chest you must look.
It's been resting quite cozy, in the middle of Eriador,
Not too far South, East, West or North.
The land here is quaint, not off the well beaten path,
Close by thing grow from the ground, though not trees or grass.
There's an Odd place, not to far up the road,
It looks like a farm, but nothing is grown.
If you find this place, be sure not to prick your finger,
Just go inside, up high is where the book lingers.
Remember the rules if you find the book,
Dont tell anyone, inside it just look.
Read all that's there and do what is scribed,
Very soon you might be welcomed inside,
An illustrious club, of whom members there's few.
Hell, it might be that it's just me and you.
But that's all a secret, kept safe and secure,
Good luck in your searching, you'll find it I'm sure.


Hardcore MCME-er
The book, it was found. Now the quest starts a new, but not before where it was hidden is made known to you.


There it was, but not anymore. Someone special found it, now we'll hide it once more.

Look very soon for a riddle to ponder.
Find my secret book, and of you I'll think fonder!



Hardcore MCME-er
In a land that is ruled by a King on a throne,
a secret is hidden, I hope someone can make it known.
It's a book, yet again hidden in a chest,
if you can find it, you'll be the best.
It's been written anew to account for the last,
you'd better start searching for this land is vast.
I'll give you a hint, don't think cities of white,
think instead of what sits under a knight.
That's a big tip, but not the only you'll get,
A flow of iron is close to where the book sits.
So it starts again, more than a few will look,
But only one of you will find my secret book!

Happy hunting!


Hardcore MCME-er
Ok, I found a lovely spot for the third book! The quest begins anew! Begin your searches, my friends:

Eagles with mighty beaks,
fly south of the foothills of high peaks,
an area that is newly made,
in fact no roads led to this flower-filled valley glade, (at the time that the book was hidden)
wind blows fast past this dwelling,
creating power to make grained foods worth smelling,
the book lies inside the house, not in the dark,
but close to a warm, homely, hearth.