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"It's been four years..." 4th MCME Anniversary

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“He used often to say there was only one Road; that it was like a great river: its springs were at every doorstep, and every path was its tributary. 'It's a dangerous business, Frodo, going out of your door,' he used to say. 'You step into the Road, and if you don't keep your feet, there is no knowing where you might be swept off to.”

Four Years... That milestone that has seen the world of J.R.R. Tolkien 's Middle-Earth immersed in Minecraft. With each block placed, people who have come and gone throughout the years... this past 4 years has seen tremendous change of which has been an amazing experience.

MCME would like to thank all those people who have contributed to the project; past and present.

Question for you all.. What has been your favourite memory whilst being on MCME?
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I have only been on for 7 months, but the summer event river dig was a very special moment, one of the few times you get to work together with many dozens of people on the same thing. Let's hope something like this will happen again!


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Best memory....idk probably the 3rd of June 2012, where me an Kulmo got guide for the first time. It was just a very surreal day that started off with me and kulmo building random crap on his server, getting pulled into a channel by Ryan telling us to do this little application quiz thing, and 2 hours later being giving guide. Fun times man.
After that it would defo be Minecon 2012, I didn't realy care for most of the stuff going on but chilling with Jord, Kulmo and Jamie was pretty cool. Staying in the Disney land park until the latest possible time and eating incredibly expensive food next to the hat films guys and BebopVox. That was pretty awesome.
All in all the last few years have been pretty great, so thanks everyone, hopefully we can keep on going for another few years.


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You have asked a question, that for me, is rather difficult to answer. You're ask me to narrow down two years worth of experiences to formulate an answer! This is something I cannot do! Reflecting upon my time on the server, since Febuaray 2012, there have been a great deal of memories I have within the server. I will share a few of them here, and generally do not pertain to promotions.

First memory, in January/Febuaray of 2013, @Iru, in the time of MCME: After Dark, would derank me to Oathbreaker. This initially began m, because I was shamelessly bragging that I had never broken a rule or had been Oathbreaker. He would then give me a destination to go to, or would lock me up in the Bree Jail or old Officer Jail in Annuminas. After some period of time, and some nonsense in Teamspeak, he would promote me. Remember, this was a time before you were notified of your promotion/demotions. So he'd slap me, and my rank and name would be a randomly selected one. Iru still likes to play this game, yet, seems to give out impossible destinations. Valinor would be one such example. This was great fun, especially in the times of low amounts of jobs and projects.

My next memory would be all the Easter Eggs around the map. I hunted them down, and even created a few of my own back in the day. Do you know of @taylore's Penguin Island? How about @Iru's rainbow ship? The you're a wizard, Frodo sign? The Kings and Queens of Narnia? There are and were so many well hidden Easter eggs through that map, that finding them was part of the fun!

My third memory would be the hours spent playing Left 4 Dead 2 with @Jesskuu @pheonixsang and @Thatruben and the laughs that would follow in Teamspeak in the process!

Fourth memory? Who can forget @Kulmo and the Bree Gate? Many a time, between the server restarts every hour, did many players of old such as @CEFKILLA41320 and @oriour would join Kulmo in protecting Bree from the forces of Evil!

Fifth memory. Giving my first tour as a Guide and the inception of "Minas Moriah!" Incidentally, this occurred on the front steps of Bag End and it has echoed across the ages!

However, I think the greatest memory of all, is the ones I've spent getting to know you all across the community. These memories are nothing, when they are without friends! So here is to you all, as members of MCME! You make this possible, and it's worthwhile to see how far we have progressed! Here's to another four years!


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Probably when I first joined, I remember, I played The Fall of Gondolin, and I wanted to find out if there was more middleearth creations in minecraft, so I literally searched in google "Minecraft Middeearth" and found this wonderful server, though, when I first joined, I was about as droogish as one could get. :rolleyes:


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Favorite time for me on MCME?

Back in Fall 2012 when there were no Jobs for Commoners or Droogs (get over it, its what they'll forever be called :p) a bunch of us started asking for work but due to the worldguard we literally couldn't participate.

Then @Wollip666 decided to begin working on the deadmarshes and allowed @Calusifa @Thatruben Chrisproof @oriour and myself to begin digging them out. After a few hours of digging and so, people began logging out for snoozes, but I asked Wolli if it would be okay for me to continue digging while he was offline.

He logged back in the next day to still find me digging, and I had dug 40% of the deadmarshes by myself in a 12 hour period. }

His reaction: "Holy S*%$ Phe! U dig!"
"I dig?"
"U dig!"
"I dig :)"


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1. Getting Guide with CEFKILLA41320 earlier this year for sure is on my list. The amount of time we spent talking about server politics was ridiculous. And saying to ourselves everyday "Oh, Ryan is on! Wonder if we'll get promoted today?".

2. Generally all my time with CEFKILLA41320, Stokie, xxLDCxx, Wollip666, jakethegardian, and Indorilian. You guys rag on me a lot, but you truly make my day when I talk to you guys on ts. im such a pussy

3. The motherfucking Nightshift with Glovenator, Fireinferno13, and freshmilkymilk back when they were wee artists. You fucked up my god damn roof Fire.

4. Playing Killing floor with meggawatts and a few others who interchanged.

5. Seeing the ever-so sexy Alekspaleks's nipples.

6. Last but certainly not least....Aphelion on the first towny survival. May your banner never stop flying.

I know there's stuff and people I've missed, but you guys are great. I mean, it says something that I've stuck around an internet community for 2 years. Love you all. such a pussy


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6. Last but certainly not least....Aphelion on the first towny survival. May your banner never stop flying.

Even though you betrayed us and then @meggawatts and I proceeded to slaughter the shat out of everything you know and love <3


Just remember @muteberlin , @wikey1236 would never betray you, it was euan
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I worked up the courage to try and build something in the freebuild area next to Bree one day. A few days later as I was exploring what was so far done in Moria I discovered that the hall design I made was used. This was like the most motivating thing ever for me to try and build more and become better at building.
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