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It's time... for a FLASHBACK!!! [Unseen Footage]


Dirt Conaisseur
Hey Dudeess,

Sure, it may be four years late, but that has not stopped me from completing this AWESOME promo video for this beautiful Middle-Earth Community... For those of you who recognize absolutely nothing from this video, well, sucks to suck. Sit back, grab your popcorn, and let the nostalgic tears of sorrow pour down your cheeks.

Stay Beautiful,



Hardcore MCME-er
I love the random car-starting-esque sound at about 1:10 and the war-crime?.
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Dirt Conaisseur
The music is wonderful! What I'd like to see is an updated version with the same music. And/or a side by side comparison of each of the locations.

Much feelz, such memrees :(

The new builds look so much better!!


omg so many memories. and missed things like Rivendell 1.0 all hand built, Moria 1.0 with lights, nad simply had to freeze frame everytime old Bree came up to look at player housing signs... Names I haven't seen in ages