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Accepted JarNO_WAY guide application

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Aspiring Commoner
Minecraft Username : JarNO_WAY
Date Joined : 29 april 2018
What country are from / What time do you usually play online: I'm from the Netherlands, and during weekends and holidays I'm online pretty much for all day online (although my final exam year is starting right now, so it will be a wait what'll happen during holidays and weekends). at normal week days I'm online at the earliest at 15:00 GMT, although it can be until 18:00 GMT. usually the whole evening, until around 21:30 GMT.
Are you regularly on our voice communication? Yes, Discord is always open when I play.
Do you talk on our voice communication? I haven't talked a lot last time, but when other people are in voice chat I like to join them.
What makes a great Guide according to you? A great guide on the MCME server should in my opinion be someone who represents the great community at the server. New players should feel welcome and safe, and a great guide gives new players a reason not to just hop on the server for a quick look, but really get into the community. I really enjoy being the person where players feel heartwarmed to join the server for the first time, and guide them into the community of MCME, telling about the discord server, world map, forums, etcetera.


Head Guide
Staff member
Head Guide
Media Team
Hey @JarNO_WAY

Thank you for applying for the rank of Guide, and sorry for the delay with a response to your application.

We are in the process of reviewing your application and discussing it. You may be asked to carry out a trial tour, of which is lead through discord.
We'll get back to you and if you have any other queries, please direct them towards @Eriol_Eandur (Our Head Guide), myself, or any of the current guides.

Thank you for your patience, and good luck with the rest of your application.

- The Guide Team
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