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Jhale09_Artist Application


Starting Adventurer
Theme Builds:

  • Date Joined: August 2019 (Been on the forum for a few years)
  • Jobs and Plotbuilds: Haven't had the chance to do anything yet, however with my job being terminated I should have ample time now.
  • Themed-builds:
  • Additional Builds: Again, quite new to the server and plan on being here for a while!
  • Your interests: I enjoy more of the landscaping aspect of minecraft, however I would like to participate in Gondorian style buildings, fortresses, etc.
  • Your motivation: I have always been avid to learn more about the LOTR universe. MCME has given me the chance to explore things and visualize things I haven't been able to before, other than movies and my mind by reading the books. I hope to use my time to help out where I can, and hopefully be able to make an impact on MCME in the future.