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Jobs and Projects Progress


Hardcore MCME-er
I'm basically writing a post to address the lack of Jobs and Projects Thread updating.
This is exactly why the Jobs and Projects were removed from Discord as it was too messy to keep track and now there is no updates at all aside from word of mouth.

In regards to Moria, the last Moria thread was made in March just to ask for an update and isn't posted by @Despot666.
I would like to politely ask who's currently in charge of what? What plan is being used currently and What is the current to do list? I get a different answer depending on who I ask!
I believe that @Patrick_0901, @dav3ck and @Jesia is working on this but I'm yet to see any public forum updates to clearly identify which role they have in building/organising.

For Belfalas, the forum post hasn't been updated since April. I know @Darki has a to do list so posting this to the forums would be great for artists and foreman alike!

With Dol Amroth, I keep hearing it is almost done but what's left to do? Who needs to finish what? Let's finish this :D @Thijs1801 / @Eriol_Eandur

How is Andrast going? @jacenpeter Who's helping you? How can we help?

And not going to lie, I'm actually not sure what @Wroxxite @Ivan1pl @Kjolsen @mattlego @Wraith_Knight are working on right now?

I'm sorry to be the one to call out all the Designers but it has to be said.

Making these forum posts not only help the community understand what's happening on MCME, but it helps designers pass out their responsibilities to artists who need work. It helps the foreman know what they can work on too as jobs.
If we could actually start using the forums again to see what's going on with Jobs and Projects maybe things will be done more effectively and we won't have the issue of why hasn't this been done yet and isn't this meant to have been done by (insert random user).

Feel free to completely disregard this but I feel like it'd help a whole lot and we wouldn't have to harrass people just to update The Times.

Thank you for reading :)


Hardcore MCME-er
Trying to save the sewers, and go through all derps (too many of them) in DA. So no, DA is not nearly done yet. Thijs, as project leader, should be the one to update on this project.
You may be right, that there is a lack of project updates, but I cant remember anyone asking me (before now) about it, not so often.


Staff member
Completely Agree, we have to get better at using the forums again. As you said above I will finish writing a post for belfalas with a spreadsheet of everything that needs to be done in befalls. I also have to talk with some people to fix some builds in Belfalas. So everything apart from vegetation will be on the list. I hope this will make it easier for both foreman and artist to help finish Belfalas.

I do think it is in our best regards if guides would be able to help organise stuff like this as well. I think they are in the perfect position to look if projects are up to lore standards and help figure out what is left to do. Besides that they can maybe help the new people understand better what we are currently working on at the same time @Arkengard @mandolore100


@lizzy_ ''builds diagonally'' thats is way too edgy!


Hardcore MCME-er
I look forward to seeing more updated threads soon then as this is pretty well liked haha.

@Kjolsen I see no reason why you can't add your comment onto the Project Thread but I agree that you should bug Thijs to update the main forum post and also add a new comment! Thank you for the update though!

@Darki I look forward to your post! Hopefully we can get these forums lively again. (Also I have no idea how my tagline is decided haha, I can't build diagonally!)


The last thing I was working on was Moria but I'm not doing much right now, too busy IRL :(