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JonahPlayss's Artist Application


Aspiring Commoner
1. Late June 2017

2. i haven't participated yet

3. its the tag below

4. i like building elven style

5. i love building and LOTR and together is even better so i thought i could become a helper and building stuff =)


Hardcore MCME-er
Euhm, I think u have to have participated in some jobs and at least one themebuild. Also, u have only one screen (I sugest takin it in f1 next time), wich doesn't even show ur ability to build in the mcme styles.

Besides that, there's little information in ur apply...

I sugest u first try to build some stuff on the server and spend some more time on.
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The first time I looked at this app I was like 'What is this?'
Why was that? There is about 35 words in this whole application, which makes it seem to an outside observer you put little effort into this application, which certainly ruins the entire application itself, no matter how good your builds are (And that area is certainly lacking too!), so I would recommend filling out the questions more and it will greatly improve your application!
Please remember to keep this in mind.


Head Developer
Staff member
Head Developer
Hey JonahPlayss, thank you for your application!

Most important for your application are screenshots of your builds using our resource packs. We need to see your building skills with these resource packs. Best are Themed-builds at the MCME build server. Please make several screenshots to show us every detail of your build.

Participating in jobs is also very helpful for a successful Artist application, just ask Designers and Forman if they have something to do for you.

Once you have finished a Themed-build add the screenshots to your initial applicationpost ("edit"), then reply to this thread (Just something like "update") to make us notice the changes.


Hardcore MCME-er
I agree with what quanta merlin and eriol have said. I haven't seen you much on the server apart from the prancing pony theme build. At the moment there are many app's for fin to read through (including mine) and he needs to see more of your work not just one picture. I think you should participate in jobs and that way you can prove to the foremen and designers how much talent you have.


hon. Head Designer
Staff member
Thanks for your application Jonah!

I can only repeat what the others have said as well: We want to see more of what you can build! Being an Artist on MCME is like a certificate that you can build nicely in Minecraft, but to be able to judge we need to see as many of the things you built so far as possible! A good opportunity is the weekly Themed Build of MCME, there you can get yourself inspired by others that are doing the same build and maybe get some nice ideas from them!

Please add some more builds and screenshots :)

~ Finrod