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Accepted Jonatanknalle Minigames badge application


Staff member
Minigames badge application:

Badge requirements:
1. Must be artist or above: Yes
2. Must have a microphone: Yes
3. Must talk regularly on discord: No


-When did you join MCME?: April 9th, 2018
-What is your current rrank?: Artist
-Why do you want this rank?: I think minigames are really fun and a nice addition to the community aspect of MCME, guides are the only ones who can run games but most of the guides are not active on the server. We could run so many more games if we had people at who could run games more often and I think it would be very beneficial for the expansion of the community if we ran more games. I am very active and Im often online building but sometimes I need a short pause and the ability to run games would be a good way to spend that pause since it benefits both the community and me. Therefore im applying for the minigames badge since it would benefit both the community and my building.