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Aspiring Member
I joined the MCME server on the 21.august.2015.
I have done 2 jobs the first one was to decorate a road near fornost and the second one was too edit the forest near Methrast.

Building some Trees and do some other stuff on the Grimslade Theme Build.

Thats a little village that i build on the Survival.
I build everything alone.

I like the most to build Rohirric, Gondorian Arnor buildings
Beside the MCME servers i like to build big quatrz houses and a big underground base.

Why do i apply for Artist: Because i want to help you to build on the Middle Earth map and because i can do some really sick building.
MCME means to me a lot because im a big middle earth fan.
I would like to helping on these Project(Carn Dum,Erebor and Dale)



Hardcore MCME-er
Thank you for your application!

Something that I find we don't exactly tell many applicants, is that applying for artist is something that is ongoing. What I mean by this is that when you post your app up on the forums, and you are not accepted immediately (which, btw, never happens unless it's an old artist returning) then never fear, this is just how applying for artist works. We need to figure out if you're a good pick for artist, and that is something that we cannot, unfortunately, do very fast.
To improve your chances, make more builds practicing either in themed builds or on your own worlds using our resource pack (make sure to add them to your app here in the form of a reply!) and spend time on the server so that people get to know you and so that we staff can tell if you are mature enough for this rank. During your time spent on the server, make sure to participate in jobs as well.

As for your pics, the first two on the app do not show much of building but mostly terrain, which is good to see on a themed build, don't get me wrong, but is of secondary importance to structural work.

The third pic shows that you are pretty competent using the default pack, but we highly recommend you use our own resource packs in the builds you post here, as well as imitating some of our styles on the main server. If you want to use our packs on your own worlds, you can find the downloads here: Resources | Minecraft Middle Earth

Thanks again for your application, we can always use extra builders, and if you have any questions/need help/or just want advice, you can always shoot me a pm!



hon. Head Designer
Staff member
Thanks for the update! I am afraid I have to tell you that you still got quite a way to go until you have gained all the necessary skills for the Artist ranks, here's some tips what is not yet optimal in your Grimslade build:
  • Wayyyy too many blocks with bark on it. Unaltered logs as they come from the forest are only used for beams, both vertical and horizontal, but (except maybe in a palisade around a town) never to build entire house walls or ceilings (the logs would not be straight/regular enough to make a wall without holes everywhere) and even less for more intricate shapes. Log stairs should pretty much only be used for Ents.
  • Roofs: The thatch needs some support to lie on. Especially at the roof edges you should have some planks below the thatch up to the very edge, cf. Edoras houses for that.
  • Walls: The Rohan pack has a wide variety of different wood blocks. Combine them to make interesting looking walls, don't only use planks and logs. Check out any Rohan house on the main map for ideas.
  • Floors: It is recommended to use stony materials for ground level floors, as that is usually also the fundament the entire house is built on. Upper level floors should be wooden though. But even with stony materials, do some variation and dont only use one kind of block as you did in the stable.