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Just Applied for whitelist

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Aspiring Commoner
I just applied, when will I get anything to know I was accepted? Since I really love the lotr, and the hobbit, and been wanting to join any related servers; but this one seems promising if I can join?


Hardcore MCME-er
You'll get an email sent to the address you gave on your application. The maximum wait time is a week.
Hope to see you online soon!


Hardcore MCME-er
You got one of the written "essay" questions wrong. You will need to review your answers and re-apply.
Look Here


Hardcore MCME-er
i tryed to apply for the whitelist and it said page not found dont now what to do
We no longer have a whitelist system, you're free to join the server at any time provided that we'd hope you had read the New Player Guide
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