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K1sk1's screehshots


Hardcore MCME-er
If we diddnt have enough screenshot threads, here is another! Just got a new computer that can run shaders! First i did a ton of shots of places I either like a lot, or are a bit on the spectacular side! enjoj. (good shader pack @el_schnarcho !) Also special thanks to @ardelenia and @DarthRagnar for cameo appearances. see if you can spot one them in 4 of the pics.
















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The fifth one, the more i look at those minecraft screenshots, in all seriousness, minecraft starts to look a bit like real life :D


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From the new and improved, to the age old traditions. That Mirrormere may be my favourite shot of all of MCME. Seriously bootyful

Edit: That second screen is now my background, of which I haven't changed for probably a year.
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