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KanekiGhoulSan Artist Application


Starting Adventurer
I Joined 6.8.19
I have not yet participated in a job or a plot build
You will find attached an album of screenshots showcasing my work on a themed build (Forsaken Inn) in which I used the shader pack docteur dread's
I quite like dwarvish and Rohirric builds because I like working with stone blocks and creating detail with stairs and half slabs. I also enjoy Rohirric for the same reason and because I also enjoy creating stable structures in interesting ways. Above all I enjoy making Minecraft builds feel lived in And making them feel like they have stories in every block.
I would like to apply for artist because I would love to be able to contribute to the LOTR world and become more of a part of the community. I have been a Minecraft player since 2012 and always played creative. my only problem has been that I have never had a reason to build other than the occasional piece of inspiration and as of such had fallen away from playing Minecraft until about 5 months ago. I believe that being given Artist would allow me to further my Minecraft building skills and find much much more inspiration.
Finally I must acknowledge the Elephant in the room that is my lack of experience, I have nothing to say about it, other than that given artist, I believe I could very quickly get used to the ins and outs of LOTR building and lack of experience would end up not being a problem. If My application is declined could you please let me know what I should do in order to Reapply and get accepted.
Many Thanks



Dirt Conaisseur
Hi Kanek, here are a few suggestions I have regarding your artist application and building.

  • I would make the questions in bold, I saw that you put all the information in a paragraph format, this works at the moment however once your MCME portfolio expands it will be quite hard to find your builds or information. You can check an accepted artist application for an example format.
  • Second, while it is good to get your application out you should definitely do some jobs or plots to learn the MCME style before you are promoted, you can find out if there are jobs by going onto our discord and reacting to the Job bot with the nerd emoji in job-alerts, this will notify you whenever a job starts.
  • Third, you should not use shaders for screenshots that you use for artist applications. Screenshots on an artist application are meant to show the detail of the build and shader packs can block that, it is also recommended to use /fbt to get full brightness as your interior is really dark and it is hard to see detail.
Now onto your build
  • We never use default trees, you can look around the world to see examples, there are also many amazing trees if you go to Osgiliath and fly up. While spruce trees are probably the best vanilla mc tree, they are not to MCME standard. So it is good to get the hang of custom trees from the get-go.
  • The path block is used rarely to never on MCME, we usually use paths made by mixing blocks such as gravel, and stone, you can do /warp Dol Caranthan and look around inside the town to see examples of paths on MCME.
  • Lastly I saw that you built this in the Eriador resource pack, the Eriador resource pack is one of the oldest packs on our server and is not very advanced our Gondor pack is very new and includes hundreds of custom blocks made with different block states. You can do /rp g to get into this pack and you can use /inv b rp:g to get into the custom inventory. This will let you add another layer of detail to your builds.
Thankyou, I hope to see that you use these suggestions and can continue on your road to artist :D .