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KeepCalmAndDFTBA's Artist Application


Starting Adventurer
Minecraft Username: KeepCalmAndDFTBA
Date Joined: 25 December 2013
Themed Build participated in: Troll Cave, Durin's Tower, Beorn's House, House of Stewards, Barad Nimras
Link to screenshots of your Themed Build: http://keepcalmanddftba.imgur.com/
What is your preferred building style? I suppose towers, and caves. I don't particularly enjoy(or am good at) making creatures, and am not very good at interiors, I don't think. I haven't really done very much in the way of house-building on the server, but I can follow directions pretty well. Also, sometimes I just see a stray block and want to fix it but can't because there's no job in that area, or a job just ended.(Sorry that kind of (really) got off topic, person(s) who check(s) apps)