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Accepted King_Much


Yellow Flower Puncher
Minecraft Username : King_Much
Date Joined :
08 February 2015
Themed Build participated in: Lond Daer, Durthang and Iant Iaur ( 3 ThemedBuilds)
Link to screenshots of your Themed Build: What is your prefered building style? I like to build Draven/Gondor Settlements.
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Hello! :)

Here is the next ThemedBuild (Durthang) which i build! :) Enioy!

And this is a map which i also made in the past ;)

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Hardcore MCME-er

For more info/feedback please refer to Will_em and if needed send him a forum conversation
Really enjoyed your builds king, we would like to see more. I would advise you to join several jobs or projects of ours in order to get to see how we handle building. Good luck and well done!


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Hey :D @Will_em

I improved my buildings and also my interiors.
Here are many Pictures about my buildings.

I built:

-> ThemedBuild Erebor throne hall
-> ThemedBuild Weathertop
-> 2 Jobs
-> Contest- Military District at Dol Amroth with Team Imrahil`s Building Army (also interior)
-> and some other stuff

Here are the Pictures:


Hope they are good buildings :p

Yours faithfully



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So, because Will_em asked me which builds i expecely built on the contest, here are some pics.
It`s just hard to say, who built which buildings, and other things, because we worked together and we helped together for every building. And i did the most interiors for the buildings.
But at this buildings i did the most.

And, yes, we won the contest! ;D

yours faithfully