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In Progress KingGodfrey's Application


Starting Adventurer
Date: I joined MCME on July 21st 2019.
Jobs and Plotbuilds:
Job - 2 stream jobs in the mistys - Wrox here
Job - Buildday 2 - Ooits/Blockfant here
Job - Paths in moria - Nic here
Job - 2 glacier jobs with Fin and Wrox
Job - River terraforming - Ober here
Job - 2 riverdigging jobs, one with Andrew, another with Smaug and Will
Job - Lond Dear path - Will here
Job - Orc tower/prison in the upper stair - Nic here
Plot - Osgiliath veg house - Wrox here
Plot - Apartment in the Central Dwelling - Pieter here
I have done the Annuminas ruins theme build. here
Additional Builds:
I got a section of a cave pasted into free build, where I detailed it, here
Your interests:
I have always loved Middle Earth, and the idea of recreating it just amazes me. I like working on builds in Moria (paths, dwellings, and caves) and Osgiliath (I have only done vegetation) and I really want to work on a castle/fort village, along with everything else I really like experimenting with other build styles.
Your motivation:
I get great motivation and inspiration from looking at other builds on the server. I love completing builds because it just makes me feel great when I can overlook what I have made and see it all.
I really like playing around with armor stands to put in small details to go along with the big ones.

Thanks for reading