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Starting Adventurer
Minecraft Username : Kryptic_Mask
Date Joined : 29 March 2015
Themed Build participated in: Tower of Ecthelion
Link to screenshots of your Themed Build: What is your prefered building style? I like to build either venetian (Pelargir) or Gondor style builds.


Hardcore MCME-er
This app has been checked, for more information about your app or for more feedback, please ask Will_em through a conversation on the forums.


hon. Head Designer
Staff member
Thank you for your application! It has now been checked (again) and here follow some tips on what you can improve on to increase your chances on a promotion to Artist.

Your tower looks amazing, didnt see some obvious flaws I could name you. I'd like to see some more work of yours, furthermore you should try to be as active as possible on the server to make yourself known as active and motivated player!

Also please note that the criterions and the way artist apps are handled in the future are about to change. Further information will be published soon on the forums.

~ Finrod_Amandil, Head Designer.