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Letter of Resignation

~:~ Letter of Resignation ~:~

Good day MCME. What a time it has been! Today, I am announcing my resignation from the rank of Head Builder and also of my soon departure of the server altogether. I joined this server just under three years ago and wow… it has gone by so fast.

This community will always remain special to me. MCME is such a unique community. What makes this place most special and different from any other community is the strength of the community. No other server spends the amount of time we do to improve other’s building skill. No other building community has such a solid non-building framework to host events, run minigames and etc. No other group of people, that I know of, spends so much time in growing the community through one on one interactions.

Why am I leaving? The short answer is I do not have enough time that is required for the role of Head Builder, and I am taking more on in my personal life. If you want the lengthy answer you can find the a link below to a full document explaining not only why I am leaving, but what is happening, as well as my opinion on various things. I warn you though... it is titled as a BWOT :D

Ever since I was notified of my promotion to admin, there has been many conflicts that I have had with the community. However, I hope in the end you can all see that I was trying to help the server. Thank you for bearing with me over the last year and I wish this server the best to keep on growing and pursuing the goal of building the world of Middle Earth!

If you would like to read The BWOT Document, please click on the following link: The BWOT Document v.2

If you would like to find out about the two… yes two new Head Builders, please click on the following link: https://www.mcmiddleearth.com/threads/the-future-of-builder-leadership.5452/


Well, it's sad to see you leave but I do understand about time. I just hope you won't leave for good. It was the same for me when I resigned from assistant rank. I was burned out and also it took too much of my time. But after a while of being away from MCME, I started to miss it and I returned. It's really about finding a ballance. Never say never :)
Maybe Lindo... just maybe... however no promises :)
Good luck in life my friend, I will certainly miss you.
I remember back when I returned to MCME for good two years ago, when you still were Artist, when we built the Artist Stronghold together, when you were promoted to Foreman and then Head Designer a few weeks later, when we built the DA sewers (the second edition of them if I recall right). In my opinion your leadership has been great and I've often supported everything you've done. To me your username has always seemed like the most ironic thing ever since you got so much done. You've always been an inspiration and almost a form of idol to me and I'm sad that you are leaving now as I was looking forwards to handing in my Artist re-application to you in just over a week when my exams are over but as I know well real life has to take priority and I wish you all of the good luck in your future my friend.
Well I will still be here in a weeks time, and that was a very touching message. Haha, I remember the days of the artist-base and doing Gondor villages and mines. And I never expected myself to go into this position. From starting as a horrible builder of 15 years old I definitley couldn't see myself as this great communities Head Builder. Thank you ryttyr!
I've known you since you were artist, and boy what a time it was building with you and watching you jump from rank to rank, always going higher and higher. In your years of service you have brought MCME only good and changed the face of the server for the better. It is really sad to see you leave but i guess other people also need your presence and help. I wish you the best of luck in life!

So long Bwotson!
Hanz Gunsling, its a shame you are always being grounded :p always enjoyed your company and we had lots of fun. Thank you very much and I wish the same to you.