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Manual Treebuilder
Slight update
Minecraft Username : levitheman
Date Joined :
03 September 2012
Themed Build participated in: Beacon, Houses of Healing
Link to screenshots of your Themed Build:
http://imgur.com/qs3dOBK,yOgfItI,JvjEM7g, <-- Healing
http://imgur.com/xuXxEBo,Y6EIzFW,gzSCsmW#0 <-- Beacon
What is your prefered building style?
I specialize in Terrain, but can do some Dwarven and Gondorian

Additional Builds:
(One of three builders there, we all did building and I did quite a lot of terrain)
(Some buildings, again one of three builders)

Am an (Inactive) part of Epicquestz build team, did some Osgiliath interiors
See the builds here: http://www.planetminecraft.com/member/epicquestz/

Extra stuff:
A Middle Earth lore nut. I don't know everything but love learning more.
Edits: Added Houses of Healing Themed Build