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In Progress litesoda's Artist Application


Starting Adventurer
  • Date: I joined MCME May 29th, 2019

  • Jobs and Plotbuilds:
    -Osgiliath House Vegetation/Ruining assigned by Oberanio, here's the imgur link:

    -Osgiliath Path Ruining hosted by Barteldvn

  • Themed-builds:
    Orc Stronghold, here's a link:

    Mordor Black Gate Themebuid inspired by the book designs

  • Additional Builds:
    I built a Minas Tirith inspired bakery shop, as Minas Tirith is a big inspiration for me:

  • Your interests:
    I really enjoy Gondorian and Elven style builds. But I truthfully would enjoy any type of build to learn different styles and skills and face a challenge. I enjoy working with interiors, as you get to be creative with how you go about it.
  • Your motivation:
    I've met so many wonderful and kind people on this server in the small time I've been here. I've faced a warm welcome, and have really indulged into the world of Middle Earth. I've always loved Middle Earth and all things fantasy, and being in this server has always brought a smile to my face seeing all the fascinating builds, and it would mean everything to carry on that fascination in other people. This project to bring Middle Earth to Minecraft is so impressive and inspiring and to be apart of that process, no matter what role I play, would be an honour nonetheless. I hope to advance my building skills, as placing blocks and just being in Minecraft has always been something there for me to jump into and enjoy. I would love to work in Moria, or more in Osgiliath. I really respect this server's motivation to complete this world in all it's wonderful aspects, and I really just love working with the MCME Team.


Lead Builder
Staff member
Lead Builder
Hello, i like that you actively participate in a variety of jobs continue that and learn from people around you.
As for you themes i would like to see more detail. As you can see your black gate theme is very plain and hasn't go much to it. I suggest you watch how some artist and designers build, for example designers like @DoctorDaom and @dav3ck , add lots of intricate detail im their build making them stand out, if you see me on the server i would happily work with you to practice building some houses to get a feel for what we are looking for in artist.


Starting Adventurer
Did a private job with a few other players hosted by Andrewpioneer for Osgiliath vegetation
- Here are some screenshots of portions of the job (and of course not all of it was done by me as it was a job lol)