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Logiebear1212 Artist Application


Starting Adventurer
  • Date: I joined MCME on the 18th of may 2018
  • Jobs and Plotbuilds nicthefith trial job/leader Bwot. Crystalterrain/leader nicthefith . treegod/leader wroxxite . Crystalz/leader nicthefith . VineRoads/leader thomasd19
  • Morium/leader nicthfith Manco_and_logie_slaves/leader Mr_Pants2000 . Morium_2/leader nicthfith
  • Themed-builds:I have done 1 theme build troll cave https://imgur.com/a/yyZAEsO
  • Additional Builds: Sadly I have no longer have access to my old builds as this is a new mc account but I still have 1 from the servers free build https://imgur.com/a/p4p3BLA
  • Your interests: I'm in love with any dwafen or Númenorean architecture and most things LOTR
  • Your motivation:I aspire to be a better builder and to get to know this community
  • I believe I would make a great addition to the team thanks for reading
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Hardcore MCME-er
I would like to see a wider variety of themebuilds: unluckily for you a cave is not the best to show what I need to see ;)