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LOL That Droog Said...


Hardcore MCME-er
Is erabor built yet?
Where is erabor?
Will erabor have big gates like in the movie?
Will smaug be built in erabor?
The funny thing is that he'd read the Silmarillion.


Hardcore MCME-er
but shen, there is nothing wrong with the second quote (besides its beautiful construction). Likely he meant what farthing, as those are parts of the shire. a town is not a part.


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also, why is spelling 'Erebor' as 'Erabor' that big a deal? it's a very similar vowel, and it's only one letter. Besides, is Erebor even actually in the Silmarillion?


Hardcore MCME-er
I like it, the guy's expression is sort of scary, and it looks (at first glance, and if you're a LOTR addict) like he's talking to a hobbit. But maybe that's just me

Also, this thread isn't nearly as popular now. Only 2 pages