LOL That Droog Said...

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Jul 20, 2016
Okay, I see how it is. Didn't read the books so you act like I'm wrong. The Balrok wasn't even in the books silly.
Wesley, you're right the Balrok wasn't in the books, the Balrog was. This thread isn't meant to offend it's just a place for funny screenshots, like the ones you have made possible.


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Mar 3, 2014
The Netherlands
Dearest MCME-members,

If you want to leave me any honour, please do not make a meme out of this. I beg you.

Some of you may not even know who I am and I do not blame you. I have not been helping on the server as much as I used to. Not knowing who I am is typical of how this server handles some of its' most productive members in history.
For 5 years I have been a part of this community and I have done all of the menial work that for some reasons still exists today. I have dug rivers, marshes and placed grass on the plains of Rohan. I can not deny I did not have fun doing so, because the community was great. I wanted Artist for a long time and when I finally got it, it felt like a great achievement. If I look at the quality of the main building force nowadays, it shocks me. How can a build server have these guys as builders? Take a look at the new Dol Amroth. Nothing makes sense, not even the store names. Ironclad smithy? An Ironclad is a 19th century warship...
And then for current members, who have not even contributed a tenth of what we have done for this server, to declare us as unimportant, and "we dindu nuffin anyway", yes patrick I have not forgotten, is utterly disgracefull. Even how some of the admins have been treated when word got out of a few harmless PM's, is nothing but disgracefull.
Great mistakes have been made in the world, like operation Barbarossa, but none greater than the choice to make memes about other servermembers illegal. This drove away a large portion of the then-active staff. These people will not just stop going on the internet and therefore other servers have reached an age of incredible progress. Make a meme about me, and if it is a good one, I will laugh about it. Make a meme about admins of other server members, and even they will laugh about it, if it is a funny one.
The secrecy surrounding the new projects and the rank stuff creates an unfair hierarchy. Why keep secrets from the people who are going to do the bulk of the building. Why are they not allowed to know what is being worked on "behind the scenes". Other servers function great without a "behind the scenes" behaviour. Quite the contrary, sharing information about what is coming will only increase hype and interest in the server as a whole.
Another thing about secrecy, why are the forums and chat curated? Let people say bad words. You are working against the human nature to say whatever they like and hereby are blocking their creativity as well, which is frankly already low judging by recent, well, results.

I have though long and hard about this, but all these things combined leave me no other option. I have to leave MCME. I resign my important part in the community and do so with a heavy heart. It has been a difficult decision and I hope it does not upset to many of you. You do not need to mourn me, as that would stall server progress, which is already quite low. Please keep smoothing terrain by hand and wasting time and energy redoing cities. This way you keep the playingfield fair to other servers to catch up. Please do not remove this message. This will be viewed as the Bible in later years. The word of god coming out of an ordinary man who just happens to look like one.

Yours truly,

The Great Beathaven

P.S. there should be a captain in there somewhere.


May 22, 2017
Eastern Time Zone
English, French
Laughed so hard!!
Gonna get some of my old ones up here:

Pretty scary stuff:

It does?

Rvien Dale has a lot of Role-Play, guys.

Aragorn, Gimli, Balin, (who on earth is Baoras??), and Boromir, I guess...

Did they... like... look around?

Beleriand... sunk. And "large buildings?"



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Mar 25, 2017
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February 13th, 2018 - Guide awaywind runs the PRage run (Underharrow to the exit of Paths of the Dead) for Artists henryoly and MatthewVP. Artist henryoly quits around 35 minutes in, MatthewVP finally makes it to the exit by cheating after 57 minutes. It was truly traumatizing for all parties as Guide awaywind had to watch these droogs wander around for almost an hour and those droogs were struggling to make their way through the endless maze will never be the same.
Fun times, funny things were said. Few will remember it in it's full glory.


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Feb 10, 2016
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Pat enjoyed this afternoon

2018-03-17_15.00.21 (2).png