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lolbroek108 Artist application


Hardcore MCME-er
Date: 25 December
Jobs: But no, I have wanted a.
screenshots: Sorry I can't make screenshots at my PC but, you kan take a look at my plot (Bag-end)
participated in 1 Themed-Build: Sorry Can't make screenshots.
interests: The Elven. In the film, there were beautiful buildings, so I thought I would start building. But, every theme is OK!
: It would be fun to be artist because I can probably build more fanatics. I can not wait!



Head Guide
Staff member
Head Guide
Head Developer
Media Team
Thank you for your application!

We will give you some feedback as soon as possible. Screenshots would be very helpful.
Do you know that minecraft can make screenshots? Just press F2 ingame. Then click at the underlined filename in the chat to open the screenshot. Upload the screenshot to MCME media section, imgur or any other image hoster and then edit your application post above to add the screenshots. Just ask if you need more help.


hon. Head Designer
Thanks for your application! Here's some feedback on your TB...

First off, wow you're work with plants is incredibly nice! The area in front of your Bagend is really remarkable, I like it a lot! One tip I've got for the trees: If you type /get logs you will receive log blocks that have bark on all six sides. These make trees usually look quite a bit better than if you'd use the normal logs!

For the interior: I guess you wanted to fit in multiple hobbit holes in that hill, right? Thing is that Bagend should be pretty large, so it might have been better to only make one hobbit hole going through the entire hill! Beside that the interior looks really nice; you have an eye for filling the rooms with quite a bunch of details! A few tips though: I'd make the carpets be in one piece and have regular shapes; the way you splattered the floor with single carpet pieces is a bit odd... Then if you have bookshelfs, make sure only one side of the bookshelf blocks is visible, you can't really have books on two sides of the block :)

I would like to ask you to participate in a second TB, just to see how you can cope with some other styles! I really see a large potential in you, but I just want to make sure that you're really ready to be promoted, so that you're not overwhelmed with what Designers might want you to do.

~ Finrod


hon. Head Designer
Thanks for the update!

Here's some feedback on your new TB:

- Be careful which blocks are shingle blocks. Shingles should only be used on roofs; you also used the gray shingles in your bridge and the blue shingles in a few spots beside the roofs.
- The window you used is supposed to be used differently! It consists of two blocks, an upper and a lower half, and you stacked two top halves ontop of each other which looks rather odd.
- the general shape of the bridge is a bit irregular and "choppy"... It does not really look like something built by elves imo. Try to achieve regular and well defined shapes, in the case of a bridge clear and even bows, or else exactly straight structure parts. Else it's looking a bit makeshifty.
- The outside of the tower is really great looking! For an elven tower it may be okay, but generally it's tendencially rather a bit too fancy and too many decorative elements to it. Usually towers are built for practical reasons.
- For tables you can use the piston heads. Just type /get misc to get some of these!
- Be careful what materials you choose for the stair! You have steps that are made out of stone bricks, but are attached to a wooden log. Wood should never support any stone!
- Make sure no shingles aree visible from the inside! Shingles always need something else below them that supports them! Very likely that your house also has shingles ontop, and I guarantee you that you can't see these from the inside, because the would not hold together, and rain could get through them!

You have a really good eye for nice looking shapes and from afar the tower is looking very very nice! But now it really is about to also think about some more practical things like some of the points I mentioned! I would like to ask you to give another build a try, and then try to think of these points when you build!

~ Finrod