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Lore Discussion Meetings

Do you want lore discussion meetings?

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~Lore Discussion Meetings~
Hello everyone!

For those of you at the last Public Meeting, you may remember Eriol talking for a long time about some lore. Even though the meeting wasn't the time or place to discuss this lore some people did not want Eriol to finish talking about it because it was very interesting. For this reason, we decided that it would be a good idea to have a time when we meet up on Discord and discuss lore for a while. The meetings would start with a set topic, ideas for topics can be posted in this thread, and we would simply talk about this topic and all lore that surrounds it. The topic also does not have to stay for the whole meeting, for example we could start with Hobbits and finish with Pelargir. This is how @Eriol_Eandur described what these meetings would be like:
Not some complex organisation but just some informal pleasant talking. We are not here to convince someone but to share our own thoughts.
If enough people are interested in joining lore meetings then we will organize them. Please give your opinion in this idea in the poll and please post topic suggestions and any questions below.