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What effect did the Ring have on Tom Bombadil?

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Olwe's Unofficial Lore Off!
Greetings everyone, this post is filled with information regarding something I've been working on for several months. A 'Lore Off' is essentially a tournament, where two people are asked a series of questions relating to Arda and whoever answers first wins! The goal is for it to be set up in a tournament style bracket, where one user battles another in a battle of wits. If you win, you continue to the next round, and so on. There will be a timer of 15 seconds per question, in order to try to limit the amount of cheating being done. (Don't want people to be able to search up the answers to questions)

The winner will be announced in a separate thread, and as of this moment I haven't come up with a prize idea. If anyone has any ideas relating to a prize, feel free to share it with me.

How to sign up:
If you want to sign up, sweet! Simply put your name below! I'll be putting everyone's name into a randomizer to have them paired up with their opponent. I will then post the matches on a separate thread. You have to signup by May 10th, by 11:59 PM EST.
For the sake of it being so long since I started this. I will only be putting peoples names in if they have commented from April 22 forward. Meaning if you put your name down before April 22nd you'll have to do so again. Sorry!

When this is occurring:
Due to timezones, I will be doing each battle at different times. Once you and your partner have been selected, I will PM both of you and will ask which time will work best for you. Once we have a good date, we'll go ahead and commence the battle.

Where this is occurring:
This will be taking place in-game, but we will also be joining the Official discord as well. You will type your answers in chat, seeing as a lot of users don't have working microphones.

Of course, if you have any questions relating to this event. Feel free to hit me up on Discord, in-game (Olwe), or on the forums.

It's Almost
^ That's a timer for signing up, don't forget it!
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(Hope I don't have to go up against Finrod if he participates)


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IGN: Jet_301

Also, how about more than five questions? That'd be over really quickly.
I'll for sure look into that! You all are more than welcomed to help give ideas to make it better, want it to be as community oriented as possible!


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My best bet is Friday around 5-6 PM my time, although I know that's a hard time for you Europeans. I have a thing Saturday and Sunday (yay for being told 3 days ahead) so if Friday doesn't work can always go next week!


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Is there a way that we just all do it when convenient for us and submit it or something rather than doing it all at the same time? due to everyone being in different time zones.